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IDS Xsms Module

The IDS X-sms module is an easy to add on SMS module that enables users to have full user control of the X-Series alarm systems from any mobile device that has the ability to send and receive SMS`s.

OPTEX Xwave Wireless Passive

Highly stable internal detector providing either wide angle or long range flexibility and exceptional value 

11 x 11m or 17 x 1.7m range – Selectable Dual-Purpose Spherical Fresnel Lens: Wide Angle or Long Range

Selectable Multilevel & Pet Alley Detection Patterns  – Patented Multi-Focus Lens

LCD Curve Series Keypad

  • 2 x 16 Character blue LCD display – 3 x dedicated emergency keys
  • 3 quick arm mode keys – Programmable keypad output
  • EOL monitored zone input

OPTEX VXI Wired/Wireless Detectors

Flexible enough to cater for most outdoor applications 

• Outdoor 12 x 12m wireless detector  – 1m low mount outdoor detector

• 5 Levels of Detection Length Adjustment  – 7 Horizontal Area Adjustments

• SMDA Logic for environmental noise immunity, with efficient energy management


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OPTEX BX80 Wired/Wireless Detectors

Robust coverage of entrances on the side of a building 

Dome Cameras

OPTEX HX40 Wired/Wireless Detectors

Advanced customisable detection for complex or high-security outdoor applications    

Bullet Cameras

OPTEX FTN Wired Detectors

Protect building entry points with this flexible short range passive detector